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Day 17: A doodle

I fell in love with Cozicant's character Death from her short animatic Death's Messenger. Her variation of this Grimm story (link) was really cute. In her version, death is a little boy in a hooded night gown with a bad attitude and more than his share of arrogance.

The original story is that the character of Death fights with a giant who beats him up and leaves him for dead. He is then helped by a boy. I misheard the story. I thought the boy protects death from the giant. I said it would be more fun if it was a girl because little boys with a lot of bravado tend to get flustered and embarrassed at being saved by a girl. It could turn into a funnier story than the original Grimm one where Death isn’t even the main character. The Adventures of Death. I would read a webcomic like that.

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